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New Trends and Technologies in Roofing

As more and more roofing companies come up, more advanced technologies emerge to meet the needs of roofers and their clients. There have been material trends as well, allowing homeowners to get more advanced roofing options. From greater strength and durability to textures and color, homeowners can get better roofing options that provide value for their money. Aside from that, innovations in the roofing sector provide greater safety for homeowners while some are designed to be more eco-friendly. Below are some of the new trends and technologies.

Use of Drones in Roofing

Drones are now used in more industries for different purposes. The roofing industry has not been left behind. Their benefits in the roofing industry are starting to be seen as more and more contractors use them. Nowadays, instead of having a roof inspector climb up to spot problem areas and safety hazards, a drone with 4K cameras is flown to the roof.

The use of drones reduces time spent in inspecting a roof and gives clear details of the roof and roofing problems. It also reduces the risk of falling before the repair work even begins. The photographs taken can be shown to the building owner to make them understand the areas that need repair. Drones continue to become advanced, and their work as tools in roofing is only starting.

Safety Innovations

The roofers always take precautions to stay safe on the job site and ensure that the roof is safe for the homeowners. Though good management and precautions reduce risks during the job, accidents are still bound to happen. Modern technology has made it easier for roofing contractors to maintain the safety of their roofers.

Other companies are installing sensors into the vests of the roofers to detect heart rate and body temperature to notify roofer when they start to heat up. Research is also being conducted to install airbags on roofers’ vests to reduce the impact on falling.

Storm tracking technology is also beneficial in roofing. It allows roofing contractors to track weather threats and monitor damages. This allows them to inform a client, whether their property has been hit and send out a roof inspection team to check the status of the roof.

Green Roofing

Every homeowner or business owner is looking for efficiency in their roof. This has called for green roofing materials and green roofing methods. Solar panels are also getting back to roofs while they used to be seen as bulky and unattractive units a few years ago.

The green movement has forced roofers and roofing material manufacturers to come up with ways to conserve energy and reduce the impact on the environment. Shingle manufacturers, for instance, are designing eco-friendly shingles to enhance their appeal while reducing the carbon footprint. Reflective shingles reflect much of the sun’s heat during the day to save on AC costs.

More from Roofers

Roofers are now using new marketing and management tools for their businesses to offer better services to the customers. Companies such as Tetra Construction are using Customer Relationship Management tools and Smart documents to manage their suppliers and customer information and also price services with ease. There is more to be expected in the coming years as technology advances.