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New Homeless Service Center

a09c3cea-677e-490f-bdea-5892e357b1eeThe San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to commit $500,000 towards the construction of a new homeless service center at 40 Prado Road in San Luis Obispo. The County’s $500,000 commitment to the project is the largest made by a single entity to date. “The County takes its role in addressing issues of homelessness very seriously. We continue to support CAPSLO’s efforts to build a new homeless service center and are pleased to be in a financial position to able to commit funding towards the project,” said County Administrative Officer, Dan Buckshi.

The County has long supported the development of a new homeless service center. In April 2011, the County leased 1.1 acres of property on South Higuera to CAPSLO free of charge. After the nearby community raised concerns about the South Higuera location, the site at 40 Prado Road was identified as a more viable option.

The County’s contribution will hopefully jumpstart a successful fundraising campaign by the Homeless Foundation. “We look forward to continuing to work with CAPSLO, the City of San Luis Obispo and other partners in order to make this proposal a reality,” said Mr. Buckshi.

The $500,000 commitment represents only a piece of the County’s contribution towards addressing community-wide issues of homelessness. Annually, the County spends approximately $2.5 million on homeless services. In addition, the County’s FY 2014-15 budget includes enhancements to various County-run health and human services programs which assist low income individuals and aim to prevent the incidence of homelessness.