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Washing machines: Which type is best?

The home appliance market is flooded with different types of washing machines from different manufacturers each offering different features at varying prices. With many options to choose from and factors to consider, it is important for you to have some basic information such as the properties of the different washer types when you go shopping for one.

Automatic or semi-automatic

These two types of washer differ mainly on the extent of manual effort required. Often cheaper, the typical semi-automatic washing machine requires more effort from you because you have to manually load your wash from one tub to a separate spinning tub. Because it doesn’t require connection to a direct water source, you also need toad water and manually control the washing process. An automatic washer, in contrast, demands less effort from you as the controls are fully automatic. While you can get your washing including water, temperature and other controls done by simply touching a button, you have to dig deeper into your pockets to get one, and you must connect it directly to a continuous water supply source.

Front or top loading

Front-load machines possess advantages such as gentler washing, greater capacity, less water consumption per cycle, reducing drying time through its spin speed and being stackable. With the exception of the high-efficiency top-load models, these machines are on average much more efficient than top-load washers. These washers are however prone to developing an unpleasant damp odor due to its design that traps water. Nevertheless, they are ideal for extremely dirty laundry or if you tend to wash more weekly loads. Although they require a lot of bending, you can go around this disadvantage by installing yours on a higher surface.

The top-load machines come in two types; the traditional washer which cleans using an agitator and the high-efficiency machine. An agitator based machine, which has a pole at the center of the drum, is more suited for heavier materials because the rough agitator action can damage delicate fabrics. The high-efficiency washers are known for better cleaning and greater capacity compared to traditional models, being gentler on delicate fabric, and saving water through low consumption. Generally, top-load machines as compared to frontload machines have less capacity, greater water use, and are less gentle. Having a top door, they don’t require a lot of bending to load laundry, and you can throw in additional laundry pieces even as the cycle is going on.

Modern washer properties

The types of machines above, especially the modern models have several other convenient offerings. Examples include twin wash capabilities that allow you to wash separate loads at the same time and a pre-treating sink that allows you to work on the stains before releasing the laundry into the main tub. Others have smart capabilities that allow monitoring and control from an app installed on your mobile, which may also include troubleshooting features.

Making the choice

Whenever you are want to buy a washer, always remember that your choice should always be guided by the features that will meet your laundry needs and fit your lifestyle most. Visit http://mejorcosas.casa/mejor-lavadoras/ reviews and recommendations of the best 2017 washing machines and once you settle on a washer, make the most of it through properly maintaining it and using the right settings and products for your cleaning tasks.