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Tips on Choosing the Best Electric Guitars for Beginners

As a beginner, starting out your guitar playing journey with a good guitar will play a huge role in your continued play while a bad guitar will most likely make you drop playing the guitar. However, if you’ve never picked up or played the guitar before, how can you know the difference when it comes to selecting up the right one? Herein, you will find tips on how to choose the best electric guitars for you as a beginner.

Choosing electric guitars for beginners can be quite the task. This is because the guitar you choose for your early days of playing will shape your entire experience. A quality electric guitar will enhance your playing ability while a bad-sounding one will make you regret your choice.

What genre of music do you want to play?

This is one of the most important questions that you can ask as a beginner when looking to buy a guitar. You can’t dig your home’s foundation if you have no clue what type of home you want to build. As such, you first need to establish the genre of music you will be playing before you spend money buying an electric guitar. Take time to think about the kind of music you’ll spend most of your time playing using your guitar. This way, you’ll be sure that you are getting the right electric guitar when making the purchase.


Clothes come in different sizes, and this is the same case with guitars as well. There is never a one-size-fits-all guitar. Choosing the right guitar size is very important. This is because playing the instrument will be largely influenced by how easy it is to handle your guitar. If you settle for a large guitar that makes it hard for you to play, you won’t be motivated to play it given that electric guitars have extra weight. Although they are a bit smaller than other types of guitars, they may not work for everyone. When it comes to size, consider your age and height before making the final decision.

Body Styles

It’s easy for a novice to assume that all electric guitars are the same. However, the body style of an electric guitar can be categorized into different categories depending on the sound intricacy and style of play. Somebody styles tend to work best with certain genres even though no written rule says so. A lot will depend on the music you play/create and your personal style of play.


As is with anything that we want to buy, you must have a budget in mind. As a beginner, you’re not sure whether you’d want to plat your guitar forever. This means that you may not want to spend a lot of money on an instrument that will probably gather dust after a few weeks or months. As such, when it comes to how much you need to spend, it’s entirely dependent on your wallet and interests. Ensure that you choose a quality guitar that can give you a better resale value should you decide not to stick with it.