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New Party Bus Limos are a Trending Theme for Concert After Parties

A Party Bus LimoThere’s a new party in town for all those concert goers that enjoy both pre-gaming and after hours parties after driving to the venue.  Party buses, or party limos, have always been popular for events like proms, birthday parties and plain old nights out on the town, but they are becoming more and more popular with concert goers as a way to add to the enjoyment of a night.

Makes sense when you think about it… Concerts usually don’t start until somewhat late (at least for folks that keep normal business hours)… This leaves a few hours before the start of the show that could be spent having fun and getting loose… Secondly, for those that want to keep the party going after the fact, it’s a great way to have the party waiting for you in the parking lot of the venue.

Cutting Down on Drunk Driving

Thirdly, and perhaps most notable, it definitely cuts down on the possibility of drunk or buzzed driving.  One of the most common situations for adults that imbibe alcohol during a night out is being stranded with only your own car to drive home in.  With all the publicity around “designated drivers”, anyone who has been in the situation knows it’s not exactly common for someone to stay sober with a bunch of drunk friends in order to insure safe passage.  Despite the prevalence of uber and other driving services, DUI and DWI are still a very common and troubling theme.

While it does add some cost to the night out, it’s not that bad if you split the cost up between several people in an event.  Given the fact that party buses can hold up to 45 people or more, adding an additional per-person cost to a concert trip can make it very manageable.  It’s also saves money on parking, gas, and in the worst case scenario, drunk driving arrests and fines.

More and More Widely Available

Lastly, these services are becoming more and more widely available throughout the country.  Major cities such as LA and New York have always had them (sites like www.partybusrentals.nyc for instance have been in service for several years).  However they’ve started to also reach smaller cities and less populated areas.  It’s both a profitable business and also an effective one for use during big parties and nights out.

So next time you head out with a bunch of friends to a concert of show (perhaps winning your tickets from New Rock 107.3 during one of our many call-in contests, hint hint), considering bringing along your very own traveling party and chauffeur…