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Finding the Best Washer Dryer for your California Home

California has some gorgeous homes.

California has gorgeous homes, here’s a quick guide on making them even better.

Modern-day gadgets are meant to make life easier, and they most certainly do. A good example is a washer-dryer combo. This laundry machine features a washing unit and a drying unit all in one cabinet.

That is the kind of technology that is very welcome in today’s fast-paced world where life is about juggling several activities at once. But, the washer-dryer you choose will only be as good as the features it brings to the table. Well, if you live in California today is your lucky day because we have prepared this guide specifically for you, to help you choose a model that will bring maximum benefits.

Do You Need A Washer Dryer If You Live In California?

Much of California enjoys relatively hotter, Mediterranean-like climate compared to the rest of the USA. It features a daily average of 70F/21C. Even so, you really can’t rely on nature to solve your laundry drying needs. And that is where a washer-dryer comes in handy. If you invest in the best unit you will enjoy so many advantages that come with the gadget. They include:

  • Saving time and effort: compared to the alternatives (hand washing and manual drying or using public laundry facilities), a washer-dryer is a godsend machine. You simply load your clothes, input settings and let the machine do the rest. Meanwhile you can focus on other activities to save even more time.
  • Versatility: modern washer-dryers come in different sizes, have different settings for different types of clothes, can be mobile or immobile and feature a wide variety of designs to fit pretty much any house in California.
  • Saving energy: with manufacturers and consumers becoming more environment-conscious, today’s washer-dryers are tailored to consume very little energy. Most of them only require a 115 volt plug. That should save you a couple of bucks from your monthly expenses.
  • Easy-to-use: when it comes to operating the machine, combo units are straight forward. Pretty much any adult can handle one comfortably.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Washer Dryer for Your California Home

So, there’s no doubt a washer-dryer is a worthy investment. But with so many brands and models in the market today, choosing one that suits your needs might be harder than you anticipate. To help you narrow down your choice to the best machine, we have put together this list of considerations.

1) Determine the type that you want

A washer-dryer can either be a front-loader (which comes in stackable varieties) or a top-loader. Each type comes with its own pros and cons. For instance, a front-loading machine has faster spin cycles (drying is quick), is more energy efficient and requires very little detergent. The downside is that it has a longer wash cycle and costs significantly more than a top-loading machine.

On its part, a top-loader is relatively cheaper, light in weight and most models have larger capacity. However, it is not as energy efficient as its front-loading counterpart and you will also spend more on detergent.

2) Check the capacity

The capacity of your machine will determine how much laundry you can do at a go. If you have a family, a 12 to 15-pound washer (with its corresponding dryer) should be enough to meet your needs.

3) Energy and water efficiency

Most models require a 115v plug. That is a good value to work with as far as energy goes, so make sure you don’t go higher. Actually, most models have dedicated settings for energy and water saving modes. If you can get one of those you will certainly save some bucks.

4) Noise it produces

More often than not it is the spin speed of your machine that will determine how much noise it produces. The slower the spin the lower the noise. You should also know that there are certain brands that are committed to manufacturing low-noise machines regardless of the spin speed. Ultimately, the amount of noise that you can tolerate depend on where you plan to put your washer-dryer. If it will be hidden somewhere in the basement then you can make this a non-issue.

5) Length of washing cycle

If you are always busy you may want to choose a machine that will save you time. That should be one with a short washing cycle. Top-loaders have a great reputation for that.

6) Price

While cheaper washer-dryers are usually tempting, they might cost you more in terms of repairs and maintenance. In most cases they won’t even perform as well as you want. You may find your clothes overly creased or faded beyond recognition. So don’t mind spending up to $2,000 on a high-quality machine.

7) Freestanding or integrated?

A free standing washer-dryer is one that can be moved from one place to another. On the other hand, an integrated machine is one that is attached to the house in a particular room. Freestanding machines are usually mobile and don’t need to be installed. But they are smaller than their integrated counterparts. The best thing about integrated washer-dryers is that they are large and usually very quiet. But you won’t be able to move the machine to a different room.

It doesn’t sound so hard to choose a great washer-dryer now, does it? We’re glad we could help. In the spirit of helping you make the best choice, we are always ready and willing to answer your questions. So feel free to contact us.